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The Magic of Wizards

It’s very easy to make things complicated, but it’s much harder to make things simple. I have spent much of my career in the building automation industry that has developed in response to market requirements, software ...

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Seats are filling up for Project Haystack London

We're have an incredible response to our Project Haystack London event! We've got a full day of seminars, . . .

Why 3D Graphics Are Becoming More Prevalent In Building Automation Systems

3D graphics are becoming more prevalent in Building Automation Systems. Here in North America, the popularity . . .

Introducing FIN 5 – the most innovative and advanced software platform for Building Automation and IoT applications

Building Management Systems have a lot to offer building owners, facility managers, system integrators and . . .

The Productivity Paradox and the Promise of Automated Configuration

Nearly every building’s HVAC controls are different; even for retail chains, whose formula for new shops . . .


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