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FIN works great with Niagara

A while back, we created some videos to show you just how easy it is to incorporate FIN into your existing and future Niagara projects. There are...

Why Open Frameworks Matter

When technology is new, it tends to be expensive, proprietary, and difficult to implement. This was certainly true of computers - which were...

University of Richmond Success Story

The University of Richmond has an absolutely gorgeous campus that surrounds the Westhampton Lake just west of downtown Richmond. The campus is...

FIN Fast Track Update

Last week in Pasadena, Maryland EASI Inc took advantage of the Fast Track program to upgrade two of their largest customers. Applications...

FIN Weekly #13 - 2016

Batch Update Refs & Create Summaries


This week we present to you 'Part 4' of the "

FIN Weekly #12 - 2016

Batch Add Schedules


Moving forward with the " Works Great With Niagara" video series, we now bring you 'Part 3' which continues demonstrating...

FIN Weekly #11 - 2016

Tagging points using the Batch Record Creator


In our previous article we explained how to setup your Niagara station to communicate with FIN...

FIN Weekly #10 - 2016

Bringing Equip and Points from Niagara into FIN Stack


This week's video focuses on just how quick and easy it is to bring data from a Niagara...
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