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IoT Warez and FIN Framework for Data Centers

IoT Warez develops FIN Framework-based application for managing complex data center environments

IoT Warez, developer of IoT technologies has created EntroCIM, developed on top of the J2 Innovations FIN Framework. EntroCIM is a fully-featured software suite with an application designed to make it easy to monitor and manage complex data center environments and provide insight into mission-critical equipment.

FIN Framework is an open, easy-to-configure and use software platform for smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT applications. It is ideal for providing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) functionality and applications. EntroCIM DC provides comprehensive management of power and environmental systems, integrating with various manufacturers' IT equipment for performance monitoring, by way of rapidly created FIN and custom-developed connectors, as well as HVAC, lighting, electrical distribution, UPS and other services.

By providing metrics like Power Usage Efficiency, the EntroCIM DC solution puts key information in the hands of data center operators while ad-hoc reporting tools simplify decision-making for many key tasks. Analytical rules evaluate equipment to identify actionable insights and auto-generated reports warn of potential issues before they become critical. Detailed fault data can be linked to utility costs to predict recommended maintenance and repairs.

EntroCIM DC was built to give data center managers and operators an open DCIM solution in a marketplace crowded with proprietary systems. The flexibility of the platform positions operators for success, whether solely as a DCIM tool or as a holistic Single Pane of Glass platform for total facility management." said Jason Houck, IoT Warez Chief Information Officer.

EntroCIM is compatible with all of today’s common open protocols including BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, OPC and KNX and can integrate with existing Building Management Systems. Natively built on tagging methodology, EntroCIM also supports the latest Project Haystack 4 open standard.

In addition, EntroCIM provides full support for secure remote connectivity via J2’s FIN Edge2Cloud to allow users to collect performance data and offer remote optimization and diagnostic services or upgrades and maintenance.

Jeremy Wolfe, VP Sales America, J2 Innovations adds: “According to Data Center World’s 2020 IT Infrastructure report, DCIM is no longer regarded as just a suite of software applications, but an entire practice of managing the data center. The ability to monitor everything in a datacentre in real-time is essential to safeguard against problems emerging that could result in costly data centre operations down time. While there are many companies offering DCIM solutions, the FIN Framework gives companies like IoT Warez the ability to bring new applications to market faster and develop better applications to control every aspect of the data center’s infrastructure.”

See here for more information on EntroCIM and FIN's application in Data Centers.

About IoT Warez

IoT Warez develops custom software that helps technologies communicate together. From state-of-the-art data centers to environmentally conscious facilities, its software development team is capable of building solutions that connect anything and everything.

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