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B. Scott Muench | 07 Sep 2017

J2 Innovations Welcomes New OEM Partner, ASI Controls

J2 Innovations is excited to announce a new OEM partner, ASI Controls! ASI Controls manufactures BACnet direct digital controls (DDC) for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) and light industrial marketplace. Founded in 1986, ASI Controls aims to provide innovative, reliable, scalable digital control products for HVAC control, building automation, and energy management applications. Among its successes, ASI Controls developed the first distributed database and control hardware and provided early methods of open systems interoperability.

Why They chose FIN

As a new OEM partner, ASI is leveraging the FIN framework for IntelliFront, their new browser based Complete BAS. Along with a new workstation, ASI wanted to add easy-to-use wizards and configuration tools to complement their hardware products.

Another reason ASI chose J2 Innovations was our Train the Trainer program which enables them to host their own training sessions on the new IntelliFront product. This past month, Mike Fong from ASI became a new instructor as a FIN certified training partner and taught his first solo class in Orlando, FL!

Why is this exciting?

ASI’s products are used to manage environmental conditions, monitor status of key systems and components, and optimize building energy use. By leveraging FIN’s APIs and development environment, ASI was able to drastically reduce the installation and configuration labor with new tools such as a VAV configuration wizard.

J2 Innovations Welcomes New OEM Partner, ASI Controls

What is IntelliFront?

IntelliFront is ASI’s new mobile-friendly application suite that can be used on a tablet, phone, or desktop. By leveraging Haystack tagging and data modeling, the application suite unlocks powerful functionality such as graphics, dashboards, automated commissionings, and analytics. In addition, IntelliFront represents the next generation of integrated configuration tools through wizards and optimized workflows.

“ASI Controls is on a mission to drive down the total cost to install, implement, configure, commission, and manage systems to as close to zero as possible.”

Want to know more about ASI? Join them September 10-12 for their Partner
. At the conference you can catch our VP of Marketing, Scott Muench speaking on Project Haystack. He’ll also be giving a VIP tour of ASI IntelliFront.

J2 Innovations Welcomes New OEM Partner, ASI Controls

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