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Christopher Simonian | 09 Mar 2016

FIN Weekly #10 - 2016

Bringing Equip and Points from Niagara into FIN Stack


This week's video focuses on just how quick and easy it is to bring data from a Niagara station into your FIN Stack server. The video starts off by demonstrating how to connect Niagara to FINStack, using the nHaystackService (Niagara) and Haystack Connector (FIN Stack). Once the connection is established, bringing the data into FIN Stack is simple.


How It works:
By utilizing the 'Add Haystack Equip' tool within the Haystack Connector, you can select multiple equipment folders from the Niagara Station to become haystack equipment. After the equipment folders are selected, the tool will prompt you to either create a new Site or select an existing one for the equipment to reference.


As soon as you enter in a site name and press 'Apply', the tool automatically creates a new site, creates the Haystack equipment in Niagara, and adds a reference from the equip to the site. The only thing left for you to do is rebuild the cache, and drag the entire Site you just created into FIN Stack. Its really that easy!


Pay off:
Using the Add Haystack Equip tool to bring in your Niagara data has many benefits, below are just a few.
  • Automatically creates a new Site
  • Automatically creates the selected Equipment
  • Automatically adds a ref between the newly added Equipment and Site
  • Automatically creates a 'Site>Equip>Point' hierarchy viewable in FIN Stack
  • Ability to drag & drop the entire Site from the Haystack Connector into FIN Stack (Equip/Points included)
  • Automatically brings in any Niagara point settings (Such as Histories, Actions, Refs)

Bringing Equip and Points from Niagara into FIN Stack

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