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Christopher Simonian | 18 Mar 2016

FIN Weekly #11 - 2016

Tagging points using the Batch Record Creator


In our previous article we explained how to setup your Niagara station to communicate with FIN Stack. We also demonstrated how to utilize the 'Add Haystack Equip' tool (FIN Weekly #10) to setup your equipment and bring them into FIN Stack.


In this weeks article, we will be expanding on the same concept of how putting in a small amount of additional effort can get you an even bigger payoff. This weeks video focuses on a quick way to tag your points (once they’ve been brought into FIN Stack from Niagara), and what the benefits of doing that will be.


How It works:
By utilizing the 'Batch Record Creator' feature, you can now select and update your entire list of brand new (non-tagged) points by selecting from a library of pre-tagged points. This library consists of points that automatically come with the software as soon as you install it, as well as the points you've saved along the way. As soon as you've matched up your database points to the saved library points and hit apply, the Batch Record Creator will work its magic and automatically tag your database points.


Now that you've updated an entire equipment's points in under a few minutes, the next step is to clone those tags to the rest of the equipment across your entire database. The quickest way to do this is by utilizing the 'Clone Points to Equip' tool (FIN Weekly #3) which does exactly that! Once your points are tagged, the payoffs start to kick in.


Pay off:
The list of benefits that come with tagging your points simply won't fit in one here are just a few Mobile-Friendly payoffs that we'd like to point out:
  • Automatically create new Floors (Apply Batch tag - floorName)
  • Automatically organizes equipment under the correct floor hierarchy (Apply Batch tag - floorName)
  • Automatically tag your entire list of points in Minutes (Batch Record Updater)
  • Automatically adds corresponding images (Mobile View)
  • Automatically gives points a "View Actions" button (Mobile View)
  • Automatically gives points a "View History" button (Mobile View)

Tagging points using the Batch Record Creator

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