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Christopher Simonian | 30 Mar 2016

FIN Weekly #13 - 2016

Batch Update Refs & Create Summaries


This week we present to you 'Part 4' of the "Works Great With Niagara" video series. In this video, we go over the process and benefits of setting up AHU Refs and creating summaries.


How It works:
We begin by utilizing the "Batch Update AHU Ref" tool (FIN Weekly #9) to add references between the VAVs and their respective AHUs. Then we proceed to using the "Create Summary" Tool (FIN Weekly #1) to create a VAV Summary that will run on the Site, Floor and AHU. The tool itself allows us to select exactly which point, and which equipment will be included in the summary.


As soon as you hit the "apply" button, the summary for each level is created, and ready for immediate use in both the desktop and mobile views of the FIN Stack server.


Pay off:
Here are the pay offs to adding your AHU refs and creating your summaries in FIN Stack:
  • Automatically adds ahuRef property tag to each equip (Batch Update AHU Ref)
  • Automatically creates a summary for each level selected, including the AHU
  • Automatically creates summaries viewable in both the desktop & mobile views
  • Automatically allows you to command/view/compare points in the summaries
  • Automatically updates existing summaries anytime equipment are added or removed

Batch Update Refs & Create Summaries

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