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FIN Weekly #14 - 2016

Search & Replace


This week we bring you a quick video on how to use the Search and Replace tool in FIN Stack. The most common scenario for this tool is to mass rename or edit point names across the FIN Stack database.


For example, say you brought in your points and you realized that they all have a common extra text (equip name, phrase, underscores, dashes) that could be removed to clean things up. Well this tool allows you to do just that!


How It works:
The Search & Replace tool has 4 parameters that help determine what will be affected, whats going to be replaced, and what its going to be replaced with. The filter section allows you to target the exact records your trying to change. Next it allows you to select what tag is going to be edited, which is by default set to navName.


Once your looking at the right records, you can then select what its going to "search" for, and in the final parameter, you can select what its going to "replace" that with. So if you want to remove all underscores from your points, you can type "_" into the Search section, and leave an empty space in the replace section. As soon as you hit apply, it will look at all the targeted records, find the underscores and replace them with the empty space. (Ex. "Supply_Fan_Speed_Cmd" > "Supply Fan Speed Cmd")


Pay off:
The pay off varies with each situation depending on how the Search and Replace tool is used but generally one of its greatest strengths is that it enables you to search and replace text/symbols across the entire database of points in seconds.


Search & Replace

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Christopher Simonian

Chris has been with J2 Innovations for over 8 years and is an active part of the J2 Innovations Technical Support Team. Along with providing technical support, Chris also creates How-To-Videos, helps with licensing and orders, and provides a variety of professional services. Having hands-on experience with customer needs and the software itself has greatly contributed to the making of our J2 Innovations How-To-Videos.

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