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Christopher Simonian | 15 Apr 2016

FIN Weekly #15 - 2016

Search & Replace


This week we're putting the spotlight on a great way to knock out those same common-scenario setups that appear on nearly all of your FIN Stack projects. FIN Stack has both, Save & Restore Template options that give the user the ability to save a backup of any record in FIN Stack and then restore it onto a new existing or future project.


How It works:


The Save Template option allows you to select any record (Site/Floor/Equip/Point/File) and save it to your desktop. The greatest part about the save template feature is the ability to include any associated alarms, logic, graphics, and children (with all of their references) that belong to the selected record.


The Restore Template option allows you to take your saved template and restore it right into any one of your FIN Stack projects!


This is extremely powerful for when you have a common setup that spans across current and future projects! All you have to do is set it up once the way you like it, save it, and restore it!


Pay off:
  • Set up a common template the way you want it, save it, and use it on all similar projects!
  • Includes Alarms, Graphics, Logic, and all associated Children
  • Save time on common scenarios (such as similar equipment / logic / points across multiple jobs)
  • Great way to transfer records between multiple FIN Stack projects

Search & Replace

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