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Christopher Simonian | 06 May 2016

FIN Weekly #18 - 2016

Create a Note (Tool)
There are many situations where leaving a note can be extremely useful, especially when there are multiple users involved.FIN Stack offers quite a few ways to add and review 'notes' across a server. This week we go over one of those options called the "Create a Note" tool which is a quick and easy way to create a note while viewing your database.


How It works:
The 'Create a Note' tool can be found in the DB Builder, and becomes available as soon as any equipment are selected. Once the tool is fired up, a settings window will appear allowing you to name the note, add a description, and then select which user you'd like to assign it to. Once the note is created, it can be viewed through the notes app, or anytime someone views that equipment. Notes can be viewed in the mobile version as well, making it that much more handy and useful to have!


Pay off:
  • Set a note on an equipment without having to switch over to the notes app
  • Notes can be viewed in the mobile app
  • Notes can be assigned to specific users

Create a Note (Tool)

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