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Christopher Simonian | 13 May 2016

FIN Weekly #19 - 2016

Snapshots (Backup)
We've all heard the saying "better safe than sorry" and those who have worked hard on setting up a job server know just how important it is to have a backup of all that hard work. FIN Stack offers the ability to backup your entire project with one amazing feature called a 'Snapshot'. Snapshots can be much more than a backup, they can also be a great way to transfer a FIN Stack project between different FIN Stack Servers so engineers can comfortably work from their own local server.


How It works:
Snapshots are simple to create. The snapshot menu is located in the FOLIO app. Once you've reached the Snapshot menu you can to take a new snapshot, restore an existing one, delete a snapshot, compact the database, upload a snapshot zip, or download a snapshot from your current list. Anything and everything you need for backing up your project, or transferring it to another server is right there!


Pay off:
  • Instantly create a complete backup of the entire project with 1-click
  • Download snapshots as a zip for extra safe-keeping
  • Upload an existing snapshot onto any server and engineer the project comfortably without having to VPN or be on the actual job site!

Snapshots (Backup)

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