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Christopher Simonian | 30 Aug 2016

FIN Weekly #20 - 2016

FIN Weekly #20 - 2016

FIN Stack 4.0 - Navigation / Mini-App / Menu

With FIN 4.0, we took a mobile-first strategy meaning you get an HTML5 browser-based application suite that works as seamlessly on a tablet and smartphone as it does on a desktop.

We adopted a responsive web-design approach and updated the user experience to include a whole new side panel which provides a Smart Navigation, Mini-App view, and Smart Menu.

How it works:

The Navigation button launches the Smart Navigation so you can select a Site, Floor or Equipment for your 'context'. In addition, we've introduced summary badges that roll up the number of alarms & overridden points for each level.

The Mini App button launches the Mini-App view which brings up a selected application. The content of that app is dynamically generated based on your 'context'. The Mini-App view is conveniently combined to the bottom of the Smart Navigation making it easy to scroll between the two.

The Menu button launches a Smart Menu with quick access to a full range of applications grouped by the user's role. Selecting an application from this menu will either bring up the mini app view or provide a sub menu for the selected app. There are also context-sensitive badges that show summary information for each application.

Pay off:
  • Context Sensitivity: FIN Stack automatically knows what your trying to do or see based on the context of your navigation
  • Mobile-First design: All Applications are designed to provide the full functionality independent of whether you're using a browser on a mobile device or on a desktop.
  • Responsive Web Design: Automatically scales the user experience and adjusts the layout to match the browser size.
  • Fully HTML5: No more flash or java plug-in browser issues!
  • Summary Badges: Shows dynamic content based on your context.

FIN Weekly #20 - 2016

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