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Christopher Simonian | 02 Feb 2016

FIN Weekly #5 - 2016

Tuning Policies in FIN Stack


This week we demonstrate how easy it is to create, edit and setup a tuning policy within FIN Stack. In case your not sure, a tuning policy allows you to regulate or "tune" the traffic between your connected devices and FIN Stack. Here's how it works:


By utilizing the "Create New Tuning Policy" Tool, users can create a new tuning policy and determine how fast or slow the poll time and the min/max write times will be. Once the tuning policy is created, the user can then set that policy to run on any available connector or point within that FIN Stack project. Its that simple!


Check out the video below for a live demonstration on how to create and setup a "Tuning Policy" in FIN Stack.


Tuning Policies in FIN Stack
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