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Christopher Simonian | 24 Feb 2016

FIN Weekly #8 - 2016

Globally Auto point Values in FIN Stack


Ever walk away from a job and realize that your forgot a bunch of your points in manual? FIN Stack now has a tool that can help globally release your points to auto in just a few seconds. The tool is called the 'Auto Point Values' tool and can be found in the FOLIO app, under the 'Database Clean Up' tool section


By utilizing the 'Auto Point Values' tool users can select a single or multiple priorities (1-16) to be auto'd. Users then have the option to pass a filter to determine exactly which points the tool is going to effect. Its that easy!


So essentially, now you can globally auto out your manual/emergency priorities in just a matter of seconds and go on with your day! Check out the video below to see how it all works.


Globally Auto point Values in FIN Stack

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