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B. Scott Muench | 19 Jan 2018

2018 KMC Genius Summit

This Friday and Saturday I’m speaking on Haystack Tagging at the 2018 KMC Genius Summit at The Langham Hotel in downtown Chicago.

2018 KMC Genius Summit

I appreciate the opportunity to represent the Haystack community and to educate the BAS industry on tagging and data modeling. Here’s a snippet of my presentation:

Data Modeling with Project Haystack

An Introduction to the mechanics and benefits of data modeling and Haystack tags for new users and stakeholders. We will highlight some of the step changes we have seen in our industry over the years, and show where the information and applications are heading in the future. Learn how tagging and the Haystack community is helping evolve our Industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about Project Haystack and how tagging and data modeling works, here are some articles to check out:

Stay tuned for an upcoming Whitepaper on the basics of Haystack and check out our Facebook album here.

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