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B. Scott Muench | 11 May 2018

ARBS Expo Recap

The J2 Innovations team hopped on a plane this week for the ARBS conference in Sydney, Australia. ARBS is Australia’s international trade exhibition for the HVAC, Refrigeration, and Building Services industries. ARBS hosting over 350 exhibitors, 8,000 visitors, and a cutting edge seminar program.

With multiple seminar participants talking about Haystack, we were excited to see the collaboration and energy building for Project Haystack internationally!

ARBS Expo Recap

Simon Mahoney from EasyIO presented on Flat IP Building Automation Networks, highlighting Haystack as an important IP protocol for modern networks.

Scott Muench, VP of Marketing for J2 Innovations, did a product demo of EasyStack (FIN based product for Easy IO) and showed real world applications based on leveraging Haystack tagging and data modeling.

Richard McElhinney, Chief Software Architect, Conserve it, presented an Introduction to Semantic Modeling Applications and provided a great overview on Project Haystack and the basics of tagging and data modeling.

ARBS Expo Recap

We had a wonderful time in Sydney catching up with industry leaders, supporting our OEM partner, and representing Project Haystack! Check out our Facebook photo album for more photos.

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