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B. Scott Muench | 15 Sep 2017

ASI Partner Conference Recap

This week the J2 Innovations team headed out to Phoenix, Arizona for the ASI Partner Conference. Hosted by our new OEM partner, ASI Controls, the conference took place at The Wigwam, a historic adobe-and-timber resort.

The conference kicked off with the CEO, Francis Chapman, who outlined a vision for ASI Controls 2.0. They reiterated their commitment to customer relationships and strategic partnerships. ASI has some of the most loyal customers in the industry - many of them have been with ASI for 20+ years. Francis also introduced ASI’s [IN] Intelligent Network Advantage, which combines the latest technology of J2 Innovations while maintaining backwards compatibility for their installed base of controllers.

ASI’s mission is to deliver “Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.” They strive to make their system integration partners as successful as possible by creating innovations that drive down the time and costs required to engineer customer-facing building automation solutions.

ASI Partner Conference Recap

The ASI Controls [IN] series of applications uses cutting edge tagging, data modeling, advanced networking protocols, and fluid integration to deliver high value solutions that are quick and easy to implement. Our V.P. of Marketing, Scott Muench, presented ASI’s new product offering, IntelliFront, which leverages J2 Innovation’s FIN technology. IntelliFront is designed specifically to provide a seamless experience across mobile, tablet and desktop environments - eliminating a need to create mobile friendly versions of screens and cutting out the hours typically required to engineer the solution.

ASI Partner Conference Recap

Overall, the conference was a success! ASI CEO Francis Chapman shared some great feedback with us from attendees. Everyone was buzzing about IntelliFront after Scott’s presentation. One key ASI customer told Francis, “After seeing that IntelliFront demo, I’m excited to be in controls again”.

According to Francis, “The excitement in our customer base is a huge compliment to what you all have achieved.” We are looking forward to ASI and J2 Innovations mutual success.

ASI Partner Conference Recap

Check out our conference photos here.

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