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B. Scott Muench | 13 Apr 2018

Big Things Coming from EasyIO and J2 Innovations

The J2 Innovations and EasyIO management teams gathered offsite in Carlsbad, CA for a 2-day “Meeting of the Minds...we talked market trends, strategy, and ways to collaboratively change an industry together”.

Big Things Coming from EasyIO and J2 Innovations

Both companies are growing and investing in the future, which makes this collaboration a perfect match at the perfect time. For J2 Innovations, we are expanding our team globally to support our OEM partners and their future products. EasyIO is growing as well, they announced their new V.P. of the Americas and their new office in Gemert.

We had successful team building and productive roadmap sessions, the synergies between the companies truly embodies the saying that one plus one equals three. To quote Easy IO’s Johan Schakenraad “The new future has arrived. Adapt or...”

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