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Carly Ashen | 06 Nov 2015

ControlTrends Awards Nominations 2015

ControlTrends Awards Nominations 2015

We need your vote! Preliminary voting for the 2015 Control Trends Awards is now open. J2 Innovations and our partners have been honored with a number of opportunities to be nominated. With your help we can grab some spots on the final ballot.

  • Third Party Visualization Software of the Year:
    FIN Builder
  • Innovative Product of the Year:
    FIN 3.0
  • Building Automation Control System of the Year:
    KMC’s Commander, EasyIO’s EasyStack, and Siemens Talon
  • Best Technical Support Person - Small Manufacturer:
    Ricky Villa Valle (write-in)
  • Best Technical Support Company:
    J2 Innovations
  • PID Award: ControlTrends Person of the Year:
    Scott Muench
  • ControlTrends Executive of the year – Small Manufacturer:
    Jason Briggs
  • ControlTrends Vendor of the Year – Small Manufactuer:
    J2 Innovations

Take a moment to click the link below and nominate us to get to the final round. Vote now! Nominations close on Friday, November 13th. We appreciate your support.

Voting for ControlTrends Awards 2015

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