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B. Scott Muench | 19 Oct 2017

Distributor Highlight: M&M Controls

As a controls systems distributor for 28 years, M&M Controls believes in selling solutions, rather than just products. They strive to stay informed and on the leading edge of technology, which allows them to offer their customers multiple solutions for when it comes to controls.

Distributor Highlight: M&M Controls

Vice President Paul Burke, Pat Marsala and Bruce McPhail developed the core principles on which the company was founded: a dedicated workforce, a commitment to continuous training and a focus on core products.

M&M Controls was one of our first FIN Authorized Distributors and has championed FIN Stack as a differentiating new product since the very beginning! M&M is always willing to collaborate with their system integrators to help them find the right solution for their customers. Through their partners, they have helped implement numerous projects earning them the FIN Elite partner status from J2 Innovations.

“[Thirty] years after its founding, the company continues to thrive by staying on the leading edge of HVACR technology and simplifying complex and sometimes confusing issues for its customers.” - Pat Marsala

As a FIN Authorized Distributor, M&M Controls has hosted multiple FIN for a Spin events and FIN Training classes for their customers. If you’re in the Timonium, Maryland area on October 31st and want to join us for a FINStack training session, you can register with Ann Fadoul by emailing

Distributor Highlight: M&M Controls

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