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B. Scott Muench | 22 Jun 2017

Distributor Highlight: Yorkland Controls

Distributor Highlight: Yorkland ControlsYorkland Controls has been in business for 45 years as a controls systems supplier. Yorkland is J2 Innovations authorized FIN distributor and is a long time “FIN fan”! They’ve been with us since the beginning and have hosted numerous FIN training events and Take FIN for a Spin tour stops. They also host their own technology event, Yorkland Business Conference, every other year.

Their company goals are to promote the controls industry and the markets they serve by matching the needs of customers with technology solutions. Yorkland Controls provides clients with technical controls system support, control panel design, assembly, and energy savings calculations and assistance. As an environmental solutions company, they can help businesses optimize and automate their buildings to reduce energy consumption and monitor air quality and temperature.

This week we had another great FIN Stack training class at their headquarters in Toronto and simultaneously had a Take FIN for a Spin class in Ottawa.
Distributor Highlight: Yorkland Controls

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