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Carly Ashen | 10 Jun 2016

EasyIO Europe Road Show

EasyIO Europe is organizing its training roadshow in the United Kingdom. Dates and locations are as follows: June 6th in Manchester, June 8th in Coventry, and June 10th in London. EasyIO will be introducing several new products, and Lim Hoon Chiat will be on hand to join in on the training and to show off the new stuff. There will be major emphasis on the introduction of EasyStack. Contact Johan Schakenraad, CEO, EasyIO Europe B.V., +31 683 991 839

EasyStack combines the core functionality of a Building Automation System (BAS) with the added benefits of a Building Operating System (BOS). The technology uses tagging and data modeling to provide unprecedented capabilities and functionally. The Haystack open standard also provides options and choices for the best combination of solutions from the wider collaborative Haystack community.

EasyIO Europe Road Show

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