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EllisDon’s Infrastructure Services and Technology Division Partners with J2 Innovations to Propel Smart Building Solutions

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Costa Mesa, California – May 21, 2024 – EllisDon, a global construction and building services company, announces a new partnership between its Infrastructure Services & Technology (IST) Division and J2 Innovations, a leading platform provider for smart buildings, smart equipment, and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

The collaboration will see EllisDon utilize J2 Innovations’ FIN Framework, a flexible open software framework, enabling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create automation and IoT applications quickly and efficiently. This partnership will enable EllisDon’s IST Division to further develop their digital twin application, EKO, which is focused on integrating all data points within a facility to optimize the built environment and enhance the end user’s experience.

This announcement comes after EllisDon implemented a range of projects using J2 Innovations’ FIN Stack software, a comprehensive suite of ready-to-use apps, enabling integrated building management solutions to be engineered quickly and easily.

Motivated by its efficiency and adaptability, EllisDon IST will use the FIN Framework, on which FIN Stack is developed, to create and customize its new OEM product suite for EKO.

“We are excited to collaborate and enhance industry standards by utilizing J2 Innovations’ expertise in FIN Framework, as it will be an important component of our digital twin application, EKO,” says Robert Barnes, Senior Vice President, Energy & Digital Services at EllisDon. “This partnership will leverage the strengths of both companies by exploring new opportunities, strengthening product offerings, and providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the market.”

As a market leader in the integration of primary building systems (i.e. building automation, lighting control, electronic security, elevators, etc.), EllisDon is now expanding into the integration of technology and enterprise management systems with EKO. Through this collaboration, EllisDon and J2 Innovations will extend the use of FIN and utilize it as an enabling platform for EKO, allowing it to support multiple market segments and end users.

In addition, EllisDon holds a distinctive, market-leading position in the building industry and, through their extensive experience constructing and operating large, complex facilities, has developed close relationships with building and facility management stakeholders. With these relationships, along with their J2 Innovations partnership, EllisDon is poised to drive industry-wide change and lead the transition towards a net zero future.

Jeremy Wolfe, Vice President of Sales Americas at J2 Innovations, said, "Our partnership with EllisDon underpins the effectiveness of their products in a range of commercial environments, and will exploit the potential for a significant advancement in hospital building automation and beyond. Together we can harness our next-generation software framework to EllisDon’s vision to push the limit of data and efficiency-driven construction management.”

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