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B. Scott Muench | 27 Feb 2018

FIN 4.0 End User Video Series: Historian

Our 8th video in the FIN 4.0 End User Series goes over how to view historical data in FIN Stack, and also how to create charts and utilize them through the Historian app.

When viewing a piece of equipment within FIN, you can get a brief history by going to the point graphics application. Any point that has histories being trended will have a chart icon that can be clicked on to bring a quick view of the point’s current trend history. This works great both on desktop and on your mobile device.

You can also view a point’s history through the magic bubbles. If you click on a point that has a history being trended, a history bubble icon will appear and you can launch the mini history app right from the graphic.

To get a deeper view and/or perform an analysis, you can pull up the Historian App. Within the app, you can see any available charts that have been automatically generated or previously saved for a particular context.

Historian app features include:

  • The ability to see relative charts (because FIN Stack is context sensitive you create it once and its available for all similar equipment!).
  • Create a new chart with the points you want to view, and save it for later or in your favorites.
  • View charts in a mini view (mobile friendly) or full screen view (desktop). Automatically determines which points can be compared on the same chart and which ones need their own individual charts.
  • Zoom in and out of display data, pan along the timeline.
  • View values in chart or grid view, and histories can be downloaded as a CSV, PDF, or JSON file.
  • View histories in daily, weekly, or monthly intervals, including the ability to roll up data.
  • Generate a baseline that can be compared against previous internal.
  • Customize your chart data through the Series options.

Historian is a powerful feature built-in to several parts of FIN Stack, especially as a stand alone app. Check out the video below to see it in action.

If you missed the previous videos, check them out here.

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