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B. Scott Muench | 03 Feb 2018

FIN 4.0 End User Video Series: O&M Manuals

Our 7th video in the FIN 4.0 End User Series goes over the O&M Manuals Application.

As we’ve discussed in previous videos, FIN Stack is context sensitive. So, for O&M Manuals, the content that can be displayed, will be related to the focus of your current navigation.

For example, when viewing an equipment graphic, a sequence of operation and point wiring diagram would be displayed in the sidebar - just a mouse click away (rather than having to lug out the printed O&M Manual).

FIN 4.0 End User Video Series: O&M Manuals

Examples of content available at the floor level would be: detailed equipment and sensor locations and communication bus layout. Again, the O&M Manual app is context sensitive, and will automatically link to that document. You can even zoom and pan through all the details.

The campus level provides a comprehensive view all of your resources. All the content is organized by type and instantly available via hyperlinks. This is also a great spot to include other related content, such as training videos.

So now you can have all your content in a single workstation both for your O&M Manuals, training videos, and related data sheets - all organized by the context and just a mouse click away.

If you missed the previous videos, check them out here.

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