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B. Scott Muench | 06 Apr 2018

FIN 4.0 End User Video Series: Overrides

Our 9th video in the FIN 4.0 End User Video Series goes over the Override function and new application within FIN Stack.

Overrides are an important part of troubleshooting and managing a facility. With the right privileges an operator can evoke overrides in many different ways within FIN Stack:

  • From the app launcher
  • Through the badges within the navigation menu
  • Through the related bubbles.

The new app now automatically appears within your mini app sidebar and will display the overrides within your current context. This makes it easy for users to get a clear overview of what's overridden from any navigational level perspective. From here an operator can also do a multiple selection and clear multiple overrides with a single mouse click.

FIN 4.0 End User Video Series: Overrides

Check out the video to see how the app works.

As you can see, the overrides app allows you to easily navigate, identify, and clear out your overrides more efficiently than ever before!

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