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B. Scott Muench | 04 Jan 2018

FIN 4.5 Early Access

New year. New tech! We listened to your feedback and suggestions and are ready to roll out our newest update. The FIN Stack 4.5 early access update brings users many improvements made from our last release (4.0) and also features an "early access" sneak-peak at several 5.0 features that we feel will greatly enhance the users FIN Stack experience.

FIN 4.5 Early Access

4.5 New Features and Enhancements

The new features and enhancements for FIN 4.5 include:

Custom Header: Allows you to create your own custom navigation header using buttons & drop-downs as custom hyperlinks. In the Users App, you can set button permissions per user.

Alarm Badge hyperlink: Clicking on the (red) alarm badges in the navigation tree will take you to the alarms app for that particular context.

Favorites App: Allows you to add/remove favorite views (bookmarks) as a clickable option within the App Selection Menu for quick & easy access. Each Favorite can also have a submenu system for further customization.

For developers, the new API Docs app contains extensive API documentation on FIN Stack properties and allows for you to search through documentation categorized by the different pods available to the software. The app is disabled by default but can be enabled in the settings app.

4.5 Improvements

We've made HUGE improvements to a lot of pre-existing features and are very excited for users to experience and benefit from them.

Alarm Tiles: The charts that used to appear on Alarm tiles have been replaced and now show additional details such as when the alarm was "last in alarm".

Custom Header UI: The custom header now has a new & improved UI to match the new Navigation Header Tree.

Top Level Graphic Tool: The tool now has the option for users to include a target ref when selecting/creating a top Level record using the tool. This, in turn, will allow for the context to appear in the nav header tree when the top level is landed.

Connector Default Write Levels: Users can now proactively add a default Write Level numeric property tag to their connectors that will automatically assign the given write level to any point dragged out from the connector.

Bacnet: Improvements were made to allow the history sync process to work with various bacnet scenarios. Improvements were made to allow bacnet alarms to sync with various bacnet scenarios.

Summaries: The Summary pop-up now opens up with all of the equipment in alphabetical order. And now the equipment's "description" string is now automatically displayed.

Graphics Builder: The "Add Hyperlink Tool" now adds the ability create graphical hyperlinks to nearly any of the available apps.

Status Indicator Labels: The Alarm and Override sections within the Status Indicator Component can now be clicked on to hyperlink you to that particular contexts alarm or override app.

Central Plant: Plant Components and Valves now animate automatically when a point value is bound to it.

5.0 Early Access Features

The 5.0 release (coming soon) enhances the overall usability of FIN Stack. Most notably, thanks to user feedback, FIN 5.0 significantly enhances the desktop experience. Here are a few of the 5.0 features we are releasing.

Navigation: The biggest overall change to FIN Stack is in its navigation. The navigation menu is now a navigation header that can be found at the top of the browser in the form a of a navigation tree. As you navigate, the context instantly updates the mini app within the sidebar on the right hand side.

App Launcher Menu: We've also redesigned the way users select which app they want to view. All apps are now accessed via the App Selection Menu which can be toggled on off at any time during navigation.

Overrides App: This new app allows users to see all of the Overridden points/values under a given context and also allows them to be auto'd/cleared. In addition, the Overrides Badge hyperlink in the navigation tree will take you to the (new!) Overrides app for that particular context.

Here’s a quick video overview of the new features and enhancements.

Here’s a link to the online docs with all the details

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