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Carly Ashen | 25 Mar 2016

FIN Adoption Surpasses 5,000 Sites

J2 Innovations has always been a company focused on creating great software. Our first product was FIN Builder, which helped SIs create great end user experiences. The community feedback we received guided the development of our tools and workflows to include histories, alarms, schedules and beyond. Today, FIN has evolved into a full software applications suite that leverages tagging and data modeling to provide remarkable capabilities and unprecedented functionality.

FIN Technology is used by many OEM partners and brands that you already know. It is used in all aspects of smart devices--from managed services in the cloud, to site level controllers, to devices at the edge. Thanks to the value added solutions our partners are providing, FIN adoption is rapidly growing.

We're proud to say that in just five short years FIN Technology is now used in 5,000 buildings across 6 countries and is supported by over 400 trained FIN Professionals. FIN has been applied in data centers, high rises, hospitals, malls, sports arenas, offices, and universities. For more information, check out our new brochure here.

Here's some throwback photos from our humble beginnings at AHR 2011.

FIN Adoption Surpasses 5,000 Sites
FIN Adoption Surpasses 5,000 Sites

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