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FIN Framework Recognized at the BCIA Awards

We're still feeling energized after the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) Awards ceremony! We were so excited that J2 Innovations was selected as a finalist for the Technical Innovation of the Year - Products Award and the Technical Innovation of the Year - Projects Award.

The BCIA represents a growing and dynamic building controls and BEMS sector in the UK. They aim to be the voice for the industry by offering specialist training, lobbying for the industry, peer networking, market trends data, and awareness of the industry's crucial role. 

The BCIA Awards is a way to spotlight excellence within the controls and BEMS industry, recognizing innovative product development, project delivery, and excellent training in our sector. Here's a look at the two categories we were named as finalists.

Technical Innovation of the Year - Products

The Technical Innovation of the Year - Products Award goes to the most innovative building controls/BEMS product development introduced in the last 12 months. J2 Innovations' FIN Stack was a finalist for this award. 

FIN Stack is an open framework that simplifies smart building management, enabling SIs to complete projects faster. FIN supports the popular open protocol standards and natively supports the Haystack tagging & data-model standard. The comprehensive app suite includes a built-in dashboard builder and analytics capabilities, with wizards to streamline configuration. By natively basing the whole engineering workflow on semantic tagging, FIN Framework (on which FIN Stack is based) has changed the way in which smart building systems can be engineered, resulting in huge productivity gains in engineering time. 

FIN Stack's innovative features make it dramatically faster for real-time data than relational databases. It is also easier to configure analytics logic for data aggregation. Finally, its Edge2Cloud technology offers the most advanced site-to-cloud connectivity available, using AWS’s advanced security model; enabling FIN to be remotely accessed, and fully engineered, without requiring a VPN. 

Technical Innovation of the Year - Projects

The Technical Innovation of the Year - Projects is awarded to the project installer/team that demonstrates innovative thinking on the installation or service/maintenance of building controls or BEMS. 

Our FIN Framework technology used by Specialist Controls Installations in a project for the London College of Fashion was chosen as a finalist for this award category. Using FIN Stack, they created an accessible and sustainable 36,000m² facility for the London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts London. The campus has a fully integrated control and monitoring solution that offers a Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) to simplify the display and management of the multitude of data sources and alarms.

“We selected FIN Stack for this project as it offered a superior user experience and more flexible dashboarding capability than the other options available to us, and we liked that it is very modern and natively supports the Haystack semantic tagging standard, so we can deliver a future-proof solution for our client. J2 Innovations have been very helpful in the development of the SPoG solution. We also chose FIN because of its potential as a future development platform for SCI.”
– James Wallace Sales Director SCI

We had a fantastic time at the award ceremony and loved being surrounded by so many talented and passionate individuals to celebrate the industry's best together. We are proud of our team's recognition for their hard work and dedication. We want to extend heartfelt congratulations to the winners in each category, including Siemens, for winning the Technical Innovation of the Year award for their project at the University of Birmingham!

Joanna Benbow

Joanna is a Chartered Marketer passionate about sustainability and well-being. She is a highly qualified professional with a double Master's Degree in Global Business Management and Marketing. She joined J2 Innovations in 2022 with extensive experience working with startups, small businesses, and corporate environments. Alongside the business focus on growth, strategy, and financial stability, her passion leads her to work with businesses that make a positive impact locally and environmentally. She is also involved in promoting sustainability & green initiatives at a local level with her Trees For Good Causes non-profit.

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