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B. Scott Muench | 22 Nov 2017

FIN Stack 4.0 End User Series: Alarms

Our fifth video in the FIN Stack 4.0 End User Series goes over a few basic and advanced tricks to help you navigate the alarm features in a desktop and mobile scenario.

There are a few ways to view your alarms in FIN Stack 4.0. In the overview graphic, you will see status indicators for each site that show how many alarms are currently active. In the site graphic, the status indicators give you an even closer look at which particular floors contain equipment that are an alarm.

As with previous features we’ve shown you, alarms can be accessed easily through related bubbles. Clicking the related bubbles will bring up the mini app for all of the alarms based on the context of where you have currently navigated (Site, Floor, or Equipment)

You can also click on the launch arrows icon to see the alarms displayed in the larger main view. Here you can view the alarms as tiles or as a summary list, with the ability to filter and sort the alarms. Clicking on the information button on an alarm will give you detailed information.

The mobile experience is equally capable, check out the video to see for yourself how alarms can be managed from your desktop or mobile device.

FIN Stack 4.0 End User Series: Alarms

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