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B. Scott Muench | 07 Dec 2017

FIN Stack 4.0 End User Series: Notes

Our sixth video in the FIN Stack 4.0 End User Series goes over how to utilize the FIN Stack Notes application.

There are a few different ways to access the Notes app. You can open the menu on the far right and select the Notes app under the End User Apps menu. Or, if you are navigating a custom graphic, clicking on an area will pop up the related bubbles and you will see an icon hyperlinking to the Notes app. From there, the mini app view will automatically appear in the right side area and display notes specific to your current context.

To add notes, navigate to the correct context and click on the “plus sign” to add a note. There are three sections. The first section allows you to name the note and add a description. The second section allows you to determine what user you’d like to assign the note to. The last section allows you to add a category tag, which will allow it to be included and filtered within email subscriptions.

From the notes menu, you can see details, reassign the note, and add additional comments. The mobile experience is equally capable, imagine being able to add, assign and, edit notes while in the field - right from your phone or a tablet! Check out the video to see for yourself how notes can be managed from your desktop or mobile device.

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