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B. Scott Muench | 12 Oct 2017

FIN Stack 4.0 End User Series: Summaries

Our third video in the FIN Stack 4.0 End User Series is on Summaries. This video quickly goes over a few basic and advanced tricks to help you understand just how powerful and versatile FIN Stack's Summaries can truly be.

Summaries are some of the most important and most efficient ways to get an overall look at what’s going on in your project. In FIN Stack 4.0 we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure we’ve accomplished exactly that. You can see summaries at multiple levels of the architecture too such as; Campus level Meter summary, Site level AHU summary, Floor level VAV summary!

You can access your summaries through related bubbles. From there, the pop up summaries window can be maximized to fit the screen. The greatest part about the summary pop-up is that you can navigate within in the software while viewing the summary data simultaneously. Check out the video to see for yourself how Summaries work in FIN 4.0.

FIN Stack 4.0 End User Series: Summaries

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