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Fit for the Holidays FINactivated Challenge

We had so much fun this Summer competing in our FINactivated challenge: Be (F)IN,  to win! The goal was to encourage J2 employees to have a more active lifestyle, inspire each other, challenge ourselves, and help improve overall wellness as a company. Everyone loved following colleagues on Strava in our FINactivated club, seeing photos, impressive feats of strength and endurance, and increased activity. It was also fun to see the workouts of some of our most extreme athletes as they trained for Ironmans! 

Now that we are officially in the holiday season, we're launching a new FINactived challenge for our employees: 'Be FIN (FIT) for the Holidays'. This new Strava challenge is a bit wacky and creative, but we're sure it will be fun for all! The challenge? Give us your best Strava art!

What is Strava art? When you track your activity on Strava, the app will display the route you took. What started as a fun thing to do during the pandemic has grown in popularity since. Runners, walkers, and bikers spend hours mapping out their routes with the final results being phrases, clip art-like drawings, and really intricate works of art that span 20+ miles. 

Our team has one month to get active ahead of the holiday season while also competing for Best Strava Art. We're suggesting a holiday theme, but any creative work of art will do. We can't wait to see them run a Christmas tree or walk a Santa Claus! Stay tuned for the results.

Joanna Benbow

Joanna is a Chartered Marketer passionate about sustainability and well-being. She is a highly qualified professional with a double Master's Degree in Global Business Management and Marketing. She joined J2 Innovations in 2022 with extensive experience working with startups, small businesses, and corporate environments. Alongside the business focus on growth, strategy, and financial stability, her passion leads her to work with businesses that make a positive impact locally and environmentally. She is also involved in promoting sustainability & green initiatives at a local level with her Trees For Good Causes non-profit.

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