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FläktGroup Launches its FläktEdge Building Control Solution Built on the FIN Framework

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FläktGroup launches its FläktEdge building control solution built on the FIN Framework open BMS platform. 

FläktGroup has launched a centralized building and ventilation control system built on the versatile FIN Framework from J2 Innovations.

FläktEdge is a lightweight control system that integrates all of its products into one single platform. It is built on FIN Framework, a smart open platform for building management and IoT applications, which not only enables FläktEdge to control group products but also significantly improves the end-user ventilation systems.

FläktEdge is simple to integrate into residential or commercial buildings, and is accessible anywhere via a cloud-based web portal giving users unparalleled access and control 24/7. It has the potential to deliver considerable savings in energy use but also time and cost savings on installation – from months down to days for a typical 5000 m2 building.

FläktGroup, which has a strong market presence in 65 countries worldwide, presented FläktEdge externally for the first time alongside J2 Innovations at MCE Mostra in Milan.

Graham Hordern, Product Marketing Manager at FläktGroup, said: “There is a need being driven in the HVAC sector for better automation, not only to be more energy efficient and to comply with regulations but also to provide better indoor working spaces.

There are 110 million buildings across Europe that need refurbishment, and 75% of these have no automation installed. FläktEdge provides an efficient way to monitor, measure and control ventilation and heating demands without the need for a complex Building Management System.”

Global Head of Sales at J2 Innovations, Matteo Pierone, said: “Using the FIN Framework has enabled FläktGroup to build out a smart technology that creates smart buildings, with digital control that leverages the Internet of Things.’’

With almost 40% of a building’s energy usage from HVAC, FläktGroup is now perfectly placed to offer those with small and medium-sized buildings the controls they need – at a lower cost than a full BMS and bringing virtually any product and supplier solution into the control of one system. Their partnership with J2 Innovations and its FIN Framework has not only made this possible, but made it a reality from concept to pilot in a matter of months.

Being built on the FIN Framework positions FläktEdge as a flexible solution for a range of audiences. It is relevant for building owners and developers who have energy-saving targets, building designers who need automation to meet regulations, HVAC installers with air quality and performance targets, and systems integrators who want to save time and money on installation.

A pilot installation of FläktEdge at the 14,000 m2 Trafikverkets’ offices in Luleå, Sweden has overcome indoor climate issues created by more than 600 products in an HVAC system that lacked any automation.

Cellular offices in the 1990s building were converted to an open plan layout in 2019, but the building suffered from unpredictable heat, cold and dry air, and significant noise and health concerns. The building’s location in northern Sweden with its harsh and variable climate, made the need for a controllable indoor climate all the more important.

Introducing the advances of FläktEdge provided access and control over every aspect of the building's technical infrastructure. It can now be programmed to meet the specific demands of the workforce – and was installed in a tenth of the time of a typical BMS. The customer has reported that the indoor space is not only quiet and fit for purpose, but also more energy efficient.

From May to November, FläktGroup will conduct a ‘truck tour’ of Europe to demonstrate their offering, including FläktEdge and the opportunity to meet their product specialists. Find all the stops here to see FläktEdge in action. 

More details on FläktEdge can be found here.

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