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B. Scott Muench | 05 May 2018

Haystack Reference Implementation Document Available

Here’s an exciting new development from the Project Haystack World! As you know, the Project Haystack community has created a tagging and data modeling standard for the building automation industry. While our work has moved the needle for the industry, there has been one thing all that we all could benefit from: a practical guide for taking the standard’s we’ve created and applying it to a real building.

The Haystack Reference Implementation Document is here! This crucial document, developed by the Project Haystack Reference Model Working Group, takes the reader through the application of Haystack tagging for a sample project as an introduction, and includes a link to highly developed tagging example for comprehensive application of Haystack. It covers the following building systems: AHU, FCU, VAV, Chiller, Cooling Tower, Boiler, Fan, Pump, Electric, Gas, and Domestic Hot Water

The document is a wonderful tool for those just getting started with Haystack. We’re excited to see the development of practical tools like this so more people in the industry to hop on board the Haystack train!

For more information on the power of having a tagged and data modeled project, check out our white paper The Strategy and Payoffs of Meta-Data Tagging.

Haystack Reference Implementation Document Available

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