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Introducing FINcast: A Podcast by J2 Innovations


J2 Innovations is excited to announce the launch of its first podcast: FINcast! FINcast will cover hot topics in the smart  buildings, smart equipment and IoT industry, plus provide updates on J2 Innovations and the FIN Framework, and feature industry experts who will share insights with listeners.

We are so excited to bring you a new format for listening and learning and to really dig deep into the industry with guest speakers and J2 teammates. 

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Upcoming episodes

Episode 1 will air May 4! Join us for a look at the upcoming FIN 5.1 with guests Alex Rohweder, Hisham Ennarah, and Michael Whalen. FIN 5.1 is the latest release of the FIN Framework and includes a new Dashboard Builder App, Distributed Architecture with a FIN Network Tree, a KNX IP connector, BTL Certification, Licensing Server, and FIN Edge2Cloud enhancements. Hear all about these exciting updates from three J2 teammates who have worked closely on the release.

We have lots planned in the coming months for future episodes. Here are some topics to look forward to: 

  • Edge2Cloud: get an in-depth look from architect Gareth Johnson, plus how it has been utilized by our OEM partner Coster Group
  • Haystack Connect: We’ll cover the best from the virtual event (May 3-6) including hearing from Project Haystack Board members
  • Deep dive into the challenges of grocery and C-stores 


Where to listen

FINcast is hosted on Acast, but you can listen to FINcast right from our website or from your favorite podcast streaming app: Apple Podcasts, Spreaker, Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser, Jio Saavn, and Podcast Addicts.

Would you like to be involved?

If you’d like to collaborate, or have any requests for future episodes - we are all ears!  Get in touch with Jenny Evans for any feedback, requests or comments.



Jenny Evans

Jenny transferred from the Siemens UK&I Smart Infrastructure communications team to J2 in 2020. Jenny is passionate about the building technology industry and brings over 14 years of experience in marketing, communications and strategy. Outside of work, she is captain of a local field hockey team and enjoys taking her chihuahuas on walks.

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