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Introducing FINstitute: An Online Virtual Learning Experience


At J2 Innovations we are passionate about training. Part of getting the most out of FIN Framework is becoming an expert in the tools and applications. Historically, our team would provide on-site classroom instruction for technicians and developers in all parts of the world. Recently we have transitioned our entire range of training courses from physical classroom to virtual classroom experiences. The new training concept is called “FINstitute,” an online platform that delivers the content through a combination of live instruction and self-directed lessons.   

Flexible class schedule to meet your needs

The typical four-day training is still offered - now digitally from your own space rather than in a classroom. This eliminates the cost of travel and also keeps everyone safe during the current COVID-19 crisis. Initially, we will run the FIN Technician’s course with the same agenda timing as the classroom version. In future with FINstitute, students will be able to sign up for a course customized to fit their schedule for example:

  • Meet live twice a day for 3.5 days with live instruction. Class hours match existing agenda
  • Meet live once a day for 7 consecutive business days with live instruction and with virtual office hours
  • Learn at your own pace through self-paced learning modules with instructor email support

Comprehensive Learning Experience

The platform brings together live presentations, videos, guided tutorials, and documentation to deliver a professional experience for all learning styles. Each class typically starts with a “face to face” live session with the instructor introducing the topic and answering questions. The student then continues their learning journey by completing a series of hands-on labs. They can watch videos and guided tutorials to further their understanding of the topic. Documentation and reference materials are also embedded in the curriculum. 

Interactive Support Features

FINstitute has an interactive interface that helps remote learners stay engaged and get the most out of the learning experience. On our new website, students can browse course offerings and detailed curriculums and register for classes. Students can choose a schedule option that best suits them. As they move through the curriculum, students can watch their progress, give feedback, and ask questions. A progress bar shows students what lessons they have mastered the percentage of the course they have completed. Through the use of surveys and quizzes, students can provide feedback and test their own knowledge every step of the way. A built-in messaging system provides an instant opportunity to post a question that can be answered by both the instructor and fellow students. 

We are excited to bring our world-class training into the digital world as a remote offering for FIN customers. FINstitute offers courses that are flexible to fit your schedule. The platform offers a comprehensive learning experience with interactive support features that make learning effective and rewarding. 

Click here visit the new FINstitute site for course descriptions and opportunities to register.Register your interest

Gerard Huff

Gerard joined J2 Innovations in 2014 as Director of Technical Services. He is primarily responsible for training development and delivery, and also manages the FIN Certified Train-The-Trainer Program. Prior to joining J2 Innovations, Gerard served as Global Training Manager, Master Certified Trainer, and training materials developer for leading companies in the sphere of BAS/BMS. Gerard is well known in the industry having spent the past 30 years teaching all over the world.

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