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J2 Innovations and WiseBuilding partner to Advance Building Automation in Portugal and Africa

Wise announcement

Costa Mesa, California: Creator of FIN Framework, J2 Innovations, has announced a partnership with WiseBuilding, a prominent player in the building automation sector in Portugal and Africa. 

J2, a Siemens company and leading platform provider for smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT, believes the collaboration will help WiseBuilding deliver its own brand of next-generation building automation solutions that are focused on energy efficiency and intelligent building management. 

WiseBuilding adopted the capabilities of FIN Framework (FIN) several years ago and has since successfully implemented it in numerous projects. Encouraged by these successes, WiseBuilding is aiming to elevate its offerings with a new product line powered by FIN, targeting the growing demand for intelligent energy and building management in commercial buildings.

FIN is a smart open platform for building management and IoT applications, used by OEMs and systems integrators to seamlessly build controls and automation equipment. WiseBuilding’s previous implementations have demonstrated FIN's flexibility and effectiveness in enhancing building management systems (BMS). 

Their new WiseBuilding EMS and BMS solution will be tailored to the needs of commercial buildings in Portugal and Africa. The product is designed to provide intelligent building management, enhancing the overall efficiency and functionality of commercial properties. WiseBuilding aims to maximize comfort, achieve significant energy savings, and streamline daily operations through advanced automation. 

Marco Ferreira, Director at WiseBuilding, said: “Our experience with the FIN Framework has been extremely positive, and we are excited to deepen our collaboration with J2 Innovations. The new WiseBuilding EMS and BMS solution will set a new benchmark in the market, providing superior automation and energy-saving capabilities that will greatly benefit our clients. 

We are eager to see the transformative impact of our combined efforts on building management systems across Portugal and Africa. Together, we will drive the future of smart building solutions in these regions.” 

Domenico Di Canosa, South Europe Sales Director for J2 Innovations, commented: “Our partnership with WiseBuilding is a significant step forward in bringing cutting-edge building automation solutions to their markets. The FIN Framework’s versatility combined with WiseBuilding’s local expertise creates a unique opportunity in the intelligent management of commercial buildings.” 

J2 Innovations and WiseBuilding share a commitment to innovation and excellence in building automation, using the FIN open platform to empower commercial buildings of the future through the integration of diverse technical systems.

Joanna Benbow

Joanna is a Chartered Marketer passionate about sustainability and well-being. She is a highly qualified professional with a double Master's Degree in Global Business Management and Marketing. She joined J2 Innovations in 2022 with extensive experience working with startups, small businesses, and corporate environments. Alongside the business focus on growth, strategy, and financial stability, her passion leads her to work with businesses that make a positive impact locally and environmentally. She is also actively involved in promoting sustainability & green initiatives.

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