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Jason Briggs | 01 Jan 2015

Letter from the CEO

FIN – Not just a Graphics tool

FIN is now a fully fledged framework evolving the BAS industry

This past year has been full of success and important lessons learned thanks to the commitment from our business partners and the valued feedback from the rest of the FIN community.

We are excited to share that FIN 3.0 is now officially released! FIN 3.0 is the combination of our new FIN Stack application server, updated FIN Builder graphics tool, and updated FIN Mobile app. We are also proud of the many successful new FIN Stack installations and its rapid adoption this year during the early access program. FIN Stack has been even more successful than we hoped and is already controlling and monitoring over 1500 buildings worldwide!

We do humbly acknowledge that we, like many other graphics tool companies, regrettably set the bar sometimes too high with custom graphics demos featuring lots of sexy animations and 3D renderings. System Integrators and partners have told us that not every job needs such high end graphics and in fact they simply need to “meet the spec, while providing a good end user experience” We also learned there is a big unmet need in addition to creating cost effective graphics, SIs want to engineer the complete project solution more efficiently and more effectively.

To tackle this challenge we developed FIN Stack – it is an exciting new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, enabling unprecedented new functionality and automating much of the SI’s application engineering workflow. When combined with our new, simplified FIN Builder, we have struck the perfect balance for great user experiences featuring efficient custom graphics combined with dynamically generated navigation, point graphics, related graphics, and a mobile experience that requires zero engineering. In addition, we took a fresh look at the way the rest of a BAS project is engineered: we streamlined the effort needed to create control logic, scheduling, alarming and adding new features such as fault detection, notes, reporting, and automated commissioning.

We want you and your customers to be wildly successful with FIN Stack in 2015 too, so we have launched a brand new website, hired industry experts for training and application engineering, and expanded our world class tech support. Thank you for your business and continued support, let’s crank up the excitement for the next generation in BAS software and help evolve an industry together!

Jason BriggsJason Briggs
CEO J2 Innovations

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