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On the Road Again with FIN Training

This year we’ve been really busy with hundreds of students getting up to speed by taking our FIN Technicians course virtually. This has worked out very well, particularly for our international customers. Our 7-day agenda allows for those with hectic schedules to take care of business in the morning and attend class in the afternoon. Although this has been really successful, I’ve really missed the face-to-face time with customers.

Gerard training


One of the most rewarding aspects of working with OEM partners is when their adoption of the FIN Technology extends to their training department through what we call FIN Train-the-Trainer program. Recently, I had the pleasure of traveling to Buffalo Grove, Illinois to qualify a future trainer for our OEM partner, Siemens (the Desigo Optic FIN brand). 

The program is a three step process, starting with the instructor being a student, then a co-presenter, and then finally on their own. We also revisit each certified training partner annually to provide updates, new insights, and re-certify their program for consistency and quality. If you’re an OEM and would like to learn more about our Train-the-Trainer program, email

New Advanced Topics Course

Curriculum development in the FINstitute is underway for additional learning as a follow on to the Technician’s class called the Advanced Topics Course. The content will be a variety of topics: database management, graphics, logic builder, user management, and reporting. These modules will help system integrators become more proficient on the FIN Framework and efficient at creating projects.

If you’re interested in this course, send us an email: for more information. 

Our hope for 2023 is to get back to offering both virtual and in-person training with plans to do some more roadshows. Stay tuned for details. I look forward to meeting you virtually and maybe in person in the upcoming year! 

Interested in getting trained before the end of the year? Our last FIN Training class of 2022 is December 6-14 (7 day agenda). Learn more and register here.

Gerard Huff

Gerard joined J2 Innovations in 2014 as Director of Technical Services. He is primarily responsible for training development and delivery, and also manages the FIN Certified Train-The-Trainer Program. Prior to joining J2 Innovations, Gerard served as Global Training Manager, Master Certified Trainer, and training materials developer for leading companies in the sphere of BAS/BMS. Gerard is well known in the industry having spent the past 30 years teaching all over the world.

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