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Carly Ashen | 20 Apr 2016

Project Highlight: Quicken Loans Technology Center

In order to integrate the smartest building in downtown Detroit, Hepta Control Systems had to not only be innovative, but be inventive. The goal was to fully integrate everything sharing data in the 66,000 square foot facility from the electrical systems to computer systems to mechanical systems. On the integration list were the mounted PDU, electrical switch gear, rack asset management, computer room HVAC, building HVAC, fire alarm, leak detection, standby emergency generation, and lighting.

Hepta Control Systems is known for transforming buildings into intelligent, responsive, environmentally conscious structures, which is why they were perfect for the job. By using FIN as a development platform for their DCIM software named EntroCIM, HCS was able to get the product to market in a fraction of the time.

What made this project unique?
EntroCIM was a crucial component to the data center integration because of its fully-
customizable nature. The software tracks and analyzes the use of energy so facility
operators can keep the facility running efficiently and sustainably.

“The goal was to create an intuitive interface that’s easy to use despite the fact that it’s
responding to an incredibly complex facility,” said Jason Houck, CIO of HCS. “The end result was the development of an application unlike anything out there.”

This capacity for forward-thinking resulted in HCS earning the 2015 Digie Award for the Most Intelligent Specialty Building, a prestigious honor to receive among exceptional competition in the intelligent building community.

We love seeing our distributors use FIN to create intelligent buildings and were excited to
see that the project resulted in a major industry award. Quicken Loans, the creator of cutting edge technology solutions for consumers, now has an automated, cutting edge technology center to help them run efficiently and sustainably.

Project Highlight: Quicken Loans Technology Center

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