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Satel Iberia Chooses FIN Framework for the New BMS Control and Monitoring Solution


Satel Iberia chooses FIN Framework for the new BMS control and monitoring solution

Leading monitoring control solutions company Satel Iberia has chosen FIN Framework (FIN) to power its forthcoming Edge controller, SenNet BMS.

FIN is developed by J2 Innovations, a Siemens company, and is a flexible software platform that enables OEMs such as Satel to build automation and IoT applications quickly and efficiently.

Satel Iberia is a specialist in developing OEM products for monitoring and remote-control solutions, such as vertical telemetry and datalogger applications. The integration of FIN into the company’s dataloggers to create SenNet BMS will allow them to offer advanced control solutions to a range of existing and new markets.

Their current product portfolio includes protocol implementation that enables seamless integration of M2M devices with various proprietary and standard protocols, and integrating data captured with SCADAS into supervision and management systems.

Javier de Elías, CEO of Satel Iberia, said: “The partnership with J2 Innovations and the FIN Framework has enabled us to rapidly build a solution that will empower our capability in field interventions, including control over energy measurement, installation certification, and commissioning.

We will launch a product that allows installers and systems integrators to harness our leading-edge control and monitoring capability with feature-rich and easy-to-install BMS built on FIN.“

Domenico Di Canosa, Sales Director Southern and Eastern Europe from J2 Innovations said: “Satel will be able to leverage the easy-to-use and mobile-ready user interface provided by FIN Framework within a comprehensive BMS solution that will deliver quality data to many different stakeholders.’’

This is an exciting opportunity for J2 Innovations to partner with Satel, which has both the willingness and capability to truly localize FIN Framework and create successful products in the building automation market where no other competitors are present today.

J2 Innovations is already rolling out intensive training to ensure Satel is able to support key accounts across Spain and through its existing global partner network. ‘’We cannot wait to see the first SenNet BMS up and running!” – Domenico Di Canosa added.

The knowledge that Satel and J2 Innovations will bring in the Spanish and, subsequently, the global market will provide a substantial but easy step towards ISO50015 and IPMVP adoption, even for small businesses.

Javier de Elías added: “Satel customers will benefit from solutions that are simple enough for inexperienced installers to configure and use, but with high levels of automation and integration that enable them to benefit from our feature-rich technologies.’’

Satel and J2 Innovations are committed to developing the distribution network of monitoring and control solutions that will simplify small-to-mid market applications and make utilizing a fully-functioned BMS available to any owner of a commercial building, regardless of its size or complexity.

Joanna Benbow

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