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Join us at the Smart Buildings Expo in Milan

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The J2 Innovations team had a great experience at the 2019 Smart Buildings Expo (SBE) and is excited to return for this year's event as a sponsor. The Smart Buildings Expo (SBE) 2021 takes place in Milan, Italy November 22-24. This year's SBE theme is integration/innovation, and the J2 team will be on hand to talk to visitors about how our FIN Framework enables the digitization of buildings.  

FIN is a software platform used by many companies to create new products and services for high-level commercial and residential buildings. We are excited to actively collaborate with the SBE team in the promotion of new technologies with distributors, installers, designers, and stakeholders in the supply chain. 

Thanks to the proliferation of the Haystack open standard, there has been a steady increase in users of FIN's open framework. The combination drastically improves the use of data from technological systems with the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). There is a growing need to expand the open standards for smart buildings to include validation and certification of their data interoperability. 

The Smart Building Alliance (SBA) Italia is working to roll out a Ready2Services (R2S) Framework that is a quantifiable assessment of a building's: ability to meet the needs of occupants, efficient operation, ease of maintenance, and integration with energy networks. R2S is a technical specification for interoperability using independent connected and communicating layers. 

Investors and real estate managers enjoy a substantial reduction in maintenance and operating costs thanks to the resilience, scalability, and portability of information. This reduces their capital expenditures (CAPEX) and builds their portfolio as an appreciating asset in the real estate market while providing improved living experience and productivity for their occupants.

The topics discussed at the SBE conference in Milan will showcase our expertise in the digitization of buildings through the use of FIN Framework and open standards. J2 Innovations is a strong supporter of open standards, and I am looking forward to sharing more about my work with SBA Italia as we roll out the R2S Framework.

Domenico Di Canosa

Domenico joined J2 Innovations in 2018 and is now Southern Europe Director of Sales. He has 22 years of experience working with the most modern controls technologies and in setting up sales and distribution channels in building products. He has a diploma in Industrial Electronics and is BSc graduated from University of London in Business Administration & Marketing

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