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Carly Ashen | 22 Oct 2016

Take FIN for a Spin!

J2 Innovations is hitting the road with FIN 4.0! Take FIN for a Spin is a new roadshow program where the team from J2 Innovations will be traveling around the country to host multiple no cost one-day trial runs of FIN. During this event you'll have an opportunity to see a live demo and then roll up your sleeves and do a hands on series of labs. We will introduce the basics in the morning session and then treat you to lunch. In the afternoon session we’ll help you load FIN 4.0 on your laptop and show you how to create, engineer, and program a complete project from start to finish.

FIN (Fluid INtegration) is the next generation Building Automation System (BAS). It features a new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, which enables unprecedented new functionality. FIN is a unified toolset optimized for efficient workflow. It dramatically reduces engineering labor and complexity to build your customer’s solution easier, faster, and better.

Contact your distributor or drop us a line to arrange a stop in your city! If you just can't wait, visit our training website to get signed up for an upcoming class.

Take FIN for a Spin!

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