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B. Scott Muench | 03 Aug 2017

Take FIN For A Spin 5 City Tour with Cochrane

We’re excited to be on the road with our FIN authorized distributor, Cochrane Supply this month for a Take FIN for a Spin five city tour! If you’re interested in seeing what FIN 4.0 is all about, please join us!

What’s New With FIN?

Earlier this year we announced an updated version of our FIN (Fluid INtegration) technology. FIN 4.0 features an applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, enabling unprecedented new functionality, and automating much of the traditional workflow. FIN dramatically reduces engineering labor and the complexity of creating your customer's solutions.

What You’ll Learn at Take FIN for a Spin

Take FIN for a Spin takes you through the basics of the FIN application suite: Alarms, Graphics, Historian, Notes, Point Graphics, Schedules, Summaries and O&M Manuals. You’ll experience mobile-first HTML5 software that works seamlessly on a tablet, smartphone, or a desktop and then get the opportunity to create, engineer and program everything you saw into a real project. We will deep dive into control logic, graphics builder, database builder, and much more through this hands-on lab.

The morning sessions run from 8am-12pm and then you’ll be invited to enjoy lunch provided by Cochrane Supply & Engineering and J2 Innovations.

Take FIN For A Spin 5 City Tour with Cochrane

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