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B. Scott Muench | 22 Jun 2018

The Spring 2018 Connections Magazine Is Here

Have you downloaded your copy of the Spring 2018 edition of Haystack Connections Magazine yet?

The Spring 2018 Connections Magazine Is Here

Haystack Connections reports the news from the Haystack community and provides updates on adoption of the Haystack standard by consultants, end users, manufacturers, and software developers.

As a member of Project Haystack, our goal is to make device data easier to use across applications of all types through the standardization of semantic data models and web services. Project Haystack is an open source initiative with a robust community of contributors.

This issue of Haystack magazine is full of community conversations and insights on how fast the evolution toward smarter buildings can happen once building operational data has been tag-enabled.

The magazine starts with a great editorial by managing editor Therese Sullivan on the history and progression of tagging in smart buildings.

“That the controls industry has the discipline, respect for mission, and good sense to opt for collaboration over ‘protocol war’ is a win for everyone that wants better buildings as soon as possible. Data silos resulting from the siloed thinking of those responsible for different systems in buildings have been holding back Smart Buildings for long enough.”

As usual, we contributed to the magazine with a recap of the Light+Building conference - where the Haystack community was well represented.

“It’s exciting to see that all the Open-Protocol standardization communities for devices and applications are beginning to participate in a unified way in the world of Big Data. Through the efforts of Project Haystack in collaboration with standards bodies such as BACnet and KNX, we are unlocking the power of intelligent building information.”

Read the article here.

There’s also a great piece by Ken Sinclair about Tagging All Internet Things. The piece just further supports FIN’s importance and contribution to the industry as a tag enabled applications suite solution.

We have a great visual of the real world application of FIN on page 16.

The Spring 2018 Connections Magazine Is Here

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