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Carly Ashen | 30 Jul 2016

What People Are Saying about FIN 4.0

Not using FIN yet? You're missing out! Check out what some people are already saying about FIN 4.0.

"I was impressed by how scalable the new pricing model is. I did a small job for under $400."

"Wow! I can now do control logic in a browser (NO java plug-in). I only have to write it once and it's used everywhere in my project."

"The new mobile browser-based HTML 5 is amazing. Point graphics and summary graphics were created automagically."

"If this is a race FIN Stack 4.0 just lapped its competitors!"

"I can do my job 3 times as fast as before--it's FINtastic!"

"On a recent project I switched from a framework plus a high end graphics package to FIN 4.0, I got a better job and saved over $50,000."

What People Are Saying about FIN 4.0

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