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B. Scott Muench | 19 Jul 2018

Where In the World is Gerard?

This quarter, Gerard has been in Canada and the U.S. doing FIN Trainings with our FIN Authorized Distributors. In May, he headed to Toronto for a FIN Training class with Yorkland Controls. In June, he was in Timonium, Maryland for an exciting new End User Class with M&M Controls. This new class was actually inspired by our End User Video Series.

The one day training takes users through all of the apps within the FIN Framework. Here’s a look at everything Gerard covers.

  • Distribute Resources and Install Software
  • Overview of FIN Stack Apps and Architecture
  • Haystack and Tagging
  • Navigation Header
  • Alarms App
  • Graphic Navigation
  • Point Graphics App
  • Favorites App
  • Custom Navigation Header
  • Overrides App
  • Summary App
  • Notes App
  • Schedules App
  • Historian App
  • O&M Manuals App
  • Users and Security

Finally, in July Gerard went to Charlotte, North Carolina for a FIN Training with ActiveLogix.

Mark your calendars! We’ve got an upcoming FIN Training in Madison Heights with Cochrane Supply Aug 14-17. Learn more here or register for this class directly with Cochrane Supply here.

Where In the World is Gerard?

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