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Year End is Getting Close

Year End is Getting Close
As the end of the year draws near, I imagine that we are all making plans for what we still need to accomplish within the constraints of the calendar. For myself, I cannot imagine a more compactly filled year. At J2 Innovations, we have done 18 FIN Stack classes so far this year, along with the AHR Show in January, Haystack Connect in May, and the Cochrane Niagara Mini Summit in June. That is not a bad course of action for the first year of a released product.

While I am reminiscing, I want to take a minute to thank all of our Distributors and Re-sellers for their eagerness to learn about FIN Stack and to apply it to some of their projects this year. (Not to mention, in case you hadn't heard, a number of those jobs have won some prestigious awards.)

We only have two more classes scheduled for this year; one in Long Island, New York and another at our World Headquarters in Chino, California. If you have been meaning to learn more about FIN Stack to see what all the excitement is about, go to our web site and register for one of these two classes.
Time is running out!

Register here!

Gerard Huff

Gerard joined J2 Innovations in 2014 as Director of Technical Services. He is primarily responsible for training development and delivery, and also manages the FIN Certified Train-The-Trainer Program. Prior to joining J2 Innovations, Gerard served as Global Training Manager, Master Certified Trainer, and training materials developer for leading companies in the sphere of BAS/BMS. Gerard is well known in the industry having spent the past 30 years teaching all over the world.

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