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FINtastic Tip: How to Easily Model Data in an Enterprise Environment

FINtastic Tip - FIN Network Tree

In a multi-site and multi-tiered architecture, the new FIN Network Tree in FIN 5.1 makes it easy to manage an enterprise of FIN sites. A new toolset within DB Builder enables exciting new functionality and efficiencies.  

Getting started with FIN Network Tree is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Enable the pod
  2. Create the Haystack Connection for each site
  3. View your proxied devices as a collection of sites in the new tree

Using the new FIN Network Tree

Through the FIN Network Tree, the proxied devices and their records can be edited and duplicated using a simplified view of the enterprise. Additionally, many of the DB Builder power tools, such as batch edit and update, are available across multiple projects. Through the use of smart drag and drop, the history references and schedule references dynamically update to accommodate the multi-tier data modeling. Finally, users can be synchronized across the entire enterprise so that each site’s users are always up to date. 

See the new FIN Network Tree in action in the video below.


Learn more about all of the great new upgrades in FIN 5.1 here.

B. Scott Muench

Scott joined J2 Innovations as a partner in 2011, and is now Vice President of Customer Experience. He has a wide range of responsibilities including evangelism, business development, training, and operational excellence. Scott is well known as an industry expert in smarthomes and smart buildings. He is a past president of ASHRAE, and is currently a board member for Project Haystack. Scott attended Clarkson University for Mechanical Engineering and graduated with a BS/Business in Organizational Innovation.

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